1668 lamborghini bertone miura roadster

miura svj interior-note the bertone emblem

why are modern cars so ugly again? just a reminder; 474 miura were built from 1966-69, 140 between 1968-71 and only 150 between 1971-72. but the bertone roadster version? only 1 was ever made. now that’s a luxury. miura is what you get when you work late at night on your own time….

“during 1965, lamborghini’s three top engineers, gian paolo dallara, paolo stanzani and bob wallace, put their own time into the development of a prototype car known as the p400. the engineers envisioned a road car with racing pedigree – a car which could win on the track and be driven on the road by enthusiasts. the three men worked on the car’s design at night, hoping to sway lamborghini from the opinion that such a vehicle would be too expensive and would distract from the company’s focus. when finally brought aboard, lamborghini allowed his engineers to go ahead, deciding that the P400 was a potential marketing tool, if nothing more… the rest was history.” by dd