anne sexton

completely brilliant but partially insane poet anne sexton was a master of language, and quite the absolute beauty.  her birthday being last week, i have had her on the mind, and the struggles she went through as a mother, writer and human being.  sexton attempted several times, and finally took her own life; however, before that tragedy she left behind a remarkable world of honesty.  embracing topics that very few had sought out before her, sexton was undoubtedly a paragon of sorts.  a few lines from her poem, as it was written:

All in all, I’d say,
the world is strangling.
And I, in my bed each night,
listen to my twenty shoes
converse about it.
And the moon,
under its dark hood,
falls out of the sky each night,
with its hungry red mouth
to suck at my scars.

by sv