photographer / furniture designer willy rizzo: everything AND the girl

the willy rizzo gallery on rue de la verneuil

girl by rizzo, not included*well this one slides open doesn’t it mrs. rizzo? approximately 10,000 euros in white

my parents had a silver and black circular bar when i was a little boy that swung open* to reveal a mirrored-interior filled with crystal glasses and decanters. very shag i must say…. i saw this piece by italian photographer and artist, willy rizzo in paris and got all excited but rizzo’s wife kindly extinguished my flame by telling me that ours was “probably a knock off” as rizzo’s originals did not open… oh well i had no idea who willy rizzo was til yesterday,  but i must say i find him fascinating and will surely look into his work in the next decade of my life… that is if i make it out of paris alive. by xy