restraint, it’s a beautiful thing

a short film featuring the lovely tiiu kuik by daemian smith and christine suarez. it’s a feast for the eyes, but like most fashion films it’s a bit of a nonsense.  pretty yet random pictures spliced together on finalcut, and the gorgeous track by violinist michael galasso (wong kar-wai’s film in the mood for love) is once again belittled in yet another random clip. i can envision michael roll over in his grave each time this track is used. i am actually not dissing them at all, as i can understand the devastating temptation for anyone to try and want to recreate an ounce of that magic when maggie drifted past the camera to this track. even i contemplated it a few times but the best of me took over. just remember this:

“what makes someone truly great is not only about what they do, but what they choose not to do when it’s most tempting.”

its almost like sex (think about it) or let me put it a different way, it’s like being a publisher of a magazine and “surprisingly” picking yourself to shoot the covers (like rankin did) or putting your mug on every other page (like zahm did), how obvious, easy and lame is that? again i could have done any of that but i didn’t. i always felt that you have to earn it to own it. restraint, it’s a beautiful thing…. you know its been almost 15 years that i have wanted this specific and rather costly chess set.  one day, a few years ago, my mom said “you talk about this so much Ill get it for you for your birthday.” i was crushed.  she didn’t get it, i’m simply not  good enough at chess to deserve that set… but i haven’t given up yet. maybe one day I’ll earn it!  by uh