New York Places: Ceft Coalition at The Leadbelly Oyster Bar in Lower East Side

the handsome julian steel

the ceft coalition… the coalition at work powered by a le labo candle

iberian duo rocio mira and carolina pimenta

miss samantha vacca

  ucef hanjani and swedish director johan renck

lina wahlgren… swedes can smile too

rachel roo and kate elkin

pierre jeand’heur, photographer karen collins, and ucef hanjani

architect/fashion designer dragan mrdja

molly mcmullin aka popina and skater stud jake lamagno of the hunt nyc

the ever-happy alara karakas and kira dikhtyar

ucef hanjani and poppy gordon

julian steel of la esquina

vincent escalas at the choros section

karen collins and ucef hanjani

the leadbelly is the newest installment in the lower east side by the creators of the fat raddish, and ruschmeyer’s in montauk. “ceft coalition is a musical collective led by internationalist buff ucef hanjani. the collective includes various friends, producers and selectors who have came together in NY in the past decade for special appearances at 675 hudson, sunday sessions, frying pan, cielo, leadbelly and capital. here you can hear an exclusive mix of vintage and new electronic tracks with reggae/funk roots.” herewegonow

all photos courtesy of carolina pimenta for the leadbelly. by xy