non gendered reality per saint laurent

i absolutely love the current revisit and further integration into life of the gender/non-gender issue. i might note i am very much a girl, i can’t help but look girly even if i don’t dress so, and i like many a-girly perk, at the same time i don’t like intensional guidelines, and  i feel like the future of identity is finally positively being explored in a way that is infiltrating life. girls who like girls who like boys who like girls? wut? like whoever you want, dress however you want. mix up your boundaries, have fun, be serious. that’s the way it should be. that’s an attitude that makes me love new york, do what you want and no one cares.

and here are some stunning pix of saskia de brauw shot by hedi slimane for his recent Saint Laurent menswear campaign. by kl