the drinking man’s scotch?

i couldn’t help but spot the new adverts for the dewers drinking man’s scotch. it looked better seeing it at 50 miles an hour, but still. its so 70’s which is right on. but as always with these big things, horrible choice of model (especially once you see the film) the over stretched english actress claire forlani sporting a scottish accent (hell who will know?) and tagging on some what of a good 70’s color, a bad version of a could be great hair do, and last a line that i’m not sure i buy. could have been a great one but it wasn’t to be. funny enough dewers or grants were actually my choices of affordable scotch when pockets were empty, i surely would have taken them over johnny walker red, but sporting the line “a drinking mans scotch” is a bit of an over statement for the dewers white label. an a for effort, it beats many of the others out there. by dd