sid vicious: the sex pistols bloody american tour

another picture by bob gruen. the adventures of some innocent english boys on their first trip to the american southwest. just before this shot was taken, a fan had gestured to sid to bend down so she could kiss him. when he did so, she punched him in the face, causing him to bleed profusely. shortly after this, in a gesture of pure punk disgust with society, sid broke a beer bottle against his amp and used it to mangle his chest. solid stance of the “no future” attitude of margaret thatcher & ronald reagan era. by uh

dressed to kill

ah, kiss. i grew up with this shit and i was obsessed. we made guitars made out of our tennis rackets and stitched fabrics together over our moon-boots and staged faux concerts. i was gene simmons, my sister was paul stanley and other friends acted as peter chris and ace frehley. it was crushing to learn later in life that i was worshiping gene simmons whose true character came out later in life. gene turned out to be a right-wing used car salesman trapped in the body of a rock star. we also found out that paul couldn’t really play much guitar. peter was just a drummer and ace, as it turns out, was probably the most competent musician and surely the nicest of them all. somehow though they captured the imagination of teenagers in my time and i think the “dressed to kill” was probably their coolest period. the suits, genes clogs mixed with the stage make-up on the streets of new york was pretty awesome. i just wish gene would have settled down somewhere in miami in a hawaiian shirt and would have left the dreams to stay as what they were, dreams, instead of pandering like an account exec: “our real bosses are the fans” cause they pay our bills. come on gene, what kind of a rock star talks like that? by xy

tokujin yoshioka: water block

tokujin yoshioka was invited to participate in the renovation project of the musée d’orsay. for this he created this glass bench ‘water block’ which has been installed within the museum’s impressionist gallery alongside of works of art by master painters such as manet, degas, monet, cézanne and renoir. the ‘rippling water’ reflects the subjects of the paintings on display. by cp

Tabula Rasa: Let’s clear our minds a bit

hermes, missoni, burberry, and loro piana may have been your go to places for such gifts but generally speaking you’d have to bring along your first born child as down payment. well there’s a new kid in town and shes got some goods. made with the finest italian yarn, consisting of fine wools gently infused with elastane for a bit of comfort, these travel-size and full-size blankets, pillows and wraps are hand-crafted by british born emily diamandis (the master mind at rag and bone where she founded and still runs the mens and womens sweater department). if you are the cheerful type, the chroma-colors pass even my test, however if you are like me and an enthusiastic fan of gloom and doom then tabula rasa can supply you with a fine share of grey soft as a darkish cloud. can’t wait to get mine. by dd

Fairy tale: love of my life

when i was young i met a lovely girl and i had the longest crush on her. i was a bit passive and would quietly observe and she took me for the longest ride. i mean i’d see her and wed go out all night but she would never let out. we even slept in the same bed and said good night and still nothing went further. i knew her for over 10 years when i finally came to terms with the fact that she was simply not interested in me. i swallowed it like a big boy but just when i settled on that thought she turned around. but by then i was locked up in the house of love. it was  a total fairy tale and i must say she looks like a fairy tale looking back at this. by xy

quote of the day

‘… the prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a bag of skin is a hallucination which underlies the misuse of technology for the violent subjugation of man’s natural environment…”

the book: on the taboo against knowing who you are

-alan watts