marni’s first fragrance

it’s about time! the arty sophistication embodied by marni fashion and accessories will soon drift into the auras of the masses. i hope. the review to the scent (below) is so intriguing, i wish the advertisement was as much.

marni is a proper family business: everyone has a role. curiously, though, its new house fragrance is categorically not about family or belonging. by turns sweet and spicy, it has been likened to an old-school floriental. but actually marni eau de parfum can’t be pigeonholed into a type; that is what is so compelling about it. the point of her scent, castiglioni said, is that it’s both elusive and unmistakable. ‘I want it to bring the wearer to the forefront without stereotyping or overpowering her,’ she said.

this is the goal of many perfumers. but where others have tried to achieve ambiguity, castiglioni and her nose, daniela andrier, really have nailed it: marni is a scent I have never smelt before, there is nothing about it – not one thread – that reminds me of another. its unique status comes from its skilful build. while it starts off quite masculine, with a peppery ginger and bergamot head, it suddenly metamorphoses into feminine with a soft wisp of rose over a dark base of incense and patchouli.

full article from the telegraph.

by kl