Tabula Rasa: Let’s clear our minds a bit

hermes, missoni, burberry, and loro piana may have been your go to places for such gifts but generally speaking you’d have to bring along your first born child as down payment. well there’s a new kid in town and shes got some goods. made with the finest italian yarn, consisting of fine wools gently infused with elastane for a bit of comfort, these travel-size and full-size blankets, pillows and wraps are hand-crafted by british born emily diamandis (the master mind at rag and bone where she founded and still runs the mens and womens sweater department). if you are the cheerful type, the chroma-colors pass even my test, however if you are like me and an enthusiastic fan of gloom and doom then tabula rasa can supply you with a fine share of grey soft as a darkish cloud. can’t wait to get mine. by dd