tumblr_ml5s5lV6bk1qd0knjo1_r1_1280i don’t know where this image is from, who it’s by, or where it is, but i am haunted by it today. i imagine silence–the isolation of underwater. the independence and vulnerability of being below the surface.
by kl

modern woman, modern man


the previous post reminded me of one of the most adorable couples, the dutchess and duke of windsor. it was her 3rd marriage and he abdicated the throne to marry her. search and sacrifice to find and give happiness. looks well worth it. by kl

point of snchez

another sofia sanchez & mauro mongiello installment with a vanessa beecroft rip in a wolfgang tillmans show. well, not bad after all. by dd

peace in the depth of the abyss

this looks so enticing right now. away from all the noise and petty bullshit around; here underwater, or there on mars. and you know what’s funny, is that i don’t mean this in a morbid pedantic death kind of a way that everyone takes, these days we simply dont have the capacity to understand pain, we have to act happy or depressed but there is that sweet spot in between where pain is actually beautiful… it is beautiful because in that point, you realize you are actually alive and not on prozac for two minutes. ponder on that for an hour and see if you’ve ever actually been there, even if, as a tourist. by dd

quote of the day


“what is not started today is never finished tomorrow” quote by goethe. well that’s the story of our lives at tomorrow started. AKA why do things today, when you can leave it off for tomorrow. by dd