as Hergé once said : “Tout de même, ce n’est pas très rassurant, tout ce noir”

“oil, fortune, dollars, contract, businessman, property, country, crazy, transvestites, city, cars, factories, cars, crisis, sport, world, cars, factories, success”

since we talked about tintin previously with dd’s latest post, i thought i could bring up this experimental comic book from matt madden : “tnt in america”. it isn’t new that some people criticize tintin comics as being violent, cruel and sometimes colonialist. madden chose an artistic way to express his vision of america. he took original editions of the comic “tintin in america”, cut the pages one by one, covered them with a thick layer of black ink, rewrote selected words and added pictograms based on the originals’ actions and speech bubbles.  at the end, you can’t really tell exactly what’s going on, but it’s got something to do with violence and america by lil