what galaxy are you from?

if you know anything about galaxies, you know that they are groupings of stars that number in the hundreds of billions, and that’s just one galaxy. the hubble space telescope (HST) site estimates there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. the most famous (around here that is, on earth) is the milky way galaxy. that’s “kinda” where we’re from. the simple point is that the earth is “part” of the milky way, even though if we see it in the sky it looks like we are observing it from the outside. do you know why that is? because we’re at the very edge of our galaxy. the milky way is a spiral galaxy type, spinning out from the center, so it has arms… sort of like an octopus. the center came first and later it spun. so we, on its edge, are its youngest offspring.

our solar system is just 4.6 billion years old. when our galaxy is 13.7 billion years old.

now do you still think for nine billion years nothing intelligent was born elsewhere in the hundreds of billions of stars in our one galaxy… or maybe in the hundreds of billions of other galaxies (each containing hundreds of billions of stars)? so the chance that we’re alone is near null. in other words, there is a higher probability that life exists out there than it doesn’t. we should be shocked to learn that we’re alone, not the other way around. wow, suddenly scientology makes more sense than christianity (not that i believe in either, i’d run away from any joint that asked me ‘have faith and not question’). well, a few hundred years ago man though the world was flat, just 80 years ago man believed our galaxy was all that there was. even worse they thought our father lived up there in the clouds…. now wait a minute maybe he does. god was just a misunderstood alien, and he lived up there but not in the clouds but in the stars! o.k. i’m going to bed. by dd