Highway star: The doors, Holger Czukay’s Can, Steve McQueen and everything, all in one

can: above the german art rock band with holger czukay from the 1970’sthe doors in studio with jim morrisondeep purple with original lead singer ian gillan

thanx for the ian gillan post nk. here’s the crazy thing, this track from deep purple, which i had totally forgotten about, performed on german TV, with altered lyrics to include “, mickey mouse, steve mcqueen and everything”, had light bulbs suddenly popping over my head. highway star is such a cross-over with bits from the doors (amazing organ riffs, not to mention the uncanny resemblance of ian gillan to jim morrison), and bits from the can’s signature jam sessions (despite less experimental and more musical here) plus the added madness of richie blackmore’s guitar solo at the end. its quite fantastic. by dd