theory of relativity

“not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”

– albert einstein

this evening involved a lovely meandering conversation, that at various points mentioned stories of judgement from one person to another. i contributed at one point with a comment not properly concluded, and now since i am up and in the habit of finishing things, i may as well. the comment began with a statement about simplicity of character and accidentally ended on some sarcasm comparing simplicity to lack of intellect, but was meant to elaborate into the fact that although simplicity is generally viewed as a fault, it is in fact a virtuous characteristic. to have true clarity and selflessness creates a beautiful simplicity of character that is difficult to achieve in our selfish, modern lives. the people i most admire have a haze of information and truths, untruths, attitudes and invading energies swirling about them; yet they remain insightful, selfless and clear. in fact, i believe keeping it simple can be one of the most complicated skills to master.  by kl