Digital Glitch Art in the Green Book Series by Jehad Nga

selections from jehad nga’s “green book series” on display now until july 12th at the bonni benrubi galleryabove plate: 24 x 30″, edition of 8 – $4,000.00 – 40 x 50″, edition of 5 – $7,500.00above plate: 24 x 30″, edition of 8 – $4,000.00 – 40 x 50″, edition of 5 – $7,500.00

love the idea of these series by friend and foe, the new york times photographer jehad nga… it’s a little gerard richter, if richter was a hacker or a coder. here’s a little blurb about the process and the ideas in the work: “selections from jehad nga’s green book series on display now at the bonni benrubi gallery on 57th and madison, nyc. completed last year, the series takes it’s name from the green book, a short book setting out the philosophies of former libyan leader muammar gaddafi. the project saw the artist ‘intercepting’ censored images from the internet in libya, converting them into binary code, and combining them with the code of each chapter of the green book. the result is an unsettling, and oddly beautiful group of images created entirely from preexisting data. each print while visually magnetic for it’s striking primary palette and digital abstract forms, also asks sobering questions about technology, government and our place in the digital age.”
“nga’s assignments have found him covering stories in somalia, kenya, iraq, liberia, libya, darfur, ethiopia and iran. his work frequently appears in such respected publications as the new york times, the new york times, time magazine and forbes, among others. in 2005, nga was awarded the picture of the year international award (POYI) for his coverage of the darfurian war and chadian refugee crisis. he received it again in 2006 for his coverage of operation steel in iraq. in 2005, nga also received first, second and third places from the chinese international press photographers for his coverage in uganda, chad and darfur, as well as the “top 30 under 30″ award by photo district news.” artists website by uh