Elle Muliarchyk – photographer / filmmaker / writer

my favorite _____ is:

–villain: mao tse-tung

–hero/superhero: jon from watchmen. he was blown into the single quanta during an accident, but he reassembled himself with the power of his mind and now he can travel in time and space and is able to manifest any object/person with his mind

 –book: see now then by jamaica kincaid

 –smell: the way it smells after a thunderstorm

 –fetish: wine/chocolate

 –film: onibaba (japanese 60’s horror film)

 –band/musician/composer: phillip glass

 –artist: claude monet, bruce nauman

 –city: nyc

 –restaurant/bar: strip house (usq-nyc)

 –hotel: the carlyle

 –drink/cocktail: klein constanzia sweet wine (napoleon’s favorite wine, he drank 300 gallons of it in st. helena)

 –decade: 1920’s

 –sport: love the charm of the all-american baseball…

 –position: always on the top!

 –food (type of food): sea urchin, oysters, almonds, dark chocolate

 –historical figure: hildegard von binden (medieval feminist writer, composer, writer, mystic, politician)

–pick up line: (the one i’ve used in the past and it worked): can i sit in your lap?

 –shop: bookstore at icp

 –nightmare: pet-sitting and killing them by forgetting to feed them

–vice: love, food, drink, emails

 –woman (of all time): marchesa casati, hildegard von binden

 –man (of all time): einstein, oscar wilde

 –hobby: quantum physics, literature, ethics, theology, folklore

  –prized possession: love notes from my sweetheart

–way to go (die): in my sleep