la montagne sacrée

holy mountain french movie poster
ce movie est étrange, but man, it stays with you for a long time afterwards.  a beautiful french poster for the film that’s chock full of tarot, jesus christ, and all those other taboo and absurd topics!  thank you mr. jodorowsky, and thank you to the lovely lil for letting me bother and interrupt for my translations 😉 by sv

for jane love hank

bukowski book covers
bukowski at his most raw, vulnerable, and truthful.  no barfly facades, just words dedicated to jane cooney baker, his first love.  a must.  i always thought that burning in water, drowning in flame was my favorite but perhaps… by sv

Ermini the car: 1949

Ermini 1949yes, combine a heavily modified fiat 1100 chassis with an alfa romeo 2500 engine… you’ve got the ermini. design and power, questa era la voglia di pasquino ermini (this was the will of the pasquino ermini), italian car designer and mechanic. direct from a vintage car fair in piazza signoria, florence. by nk

Chinese lights over Florence

Firenze, Chinese restaurant
firenze, chinese restaurant

nothing interesting about the food here (although we are in italy).  despite that, i love the lettering of these chinese ideograms in contrast with the old walls of florence. direct from via dei servi, vicino al duomo. by nk

vanessa paradis – love songs


ok, now that is a great crew. album artwork by m/m paris, photo by karim sadli, music by mister benjamin biolay, video by dusan reljin and well vanessa is pretty nice too… oh and by the way the song rocks! (fuck vevo!) by pp.

foxtrot blues

mighty blue magazine cover

image: cover for sheet music of foxtrot blues;  clip: part three of dmitri shostakovich’s jazz suite, the foxtrot blues themselves with ukelele accompaniment.  setting the tone for my day, gettin’ down with the hawaiian guitar. by sv

quote of the day

“i will have spent my life trying to understand the function of remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather its lining. we do not remember, we rewrite memory much as history is rewritten. how can one remember thirst?”

-from the film sans soleil, by chris marker