ask: jehad nga – photojournalist


my favorite _____ is:

-villain: the editor

-hero/superhero: rodney mullen

-book: into the great wide open

-smell: santal 33

-fetish: al jazeera

-film: withnail and i

-band/musician/composer: the grateful dead

-artist: mariah robertson, chiara de rege, alex graham, jawal nga

city: bamako, mali

-restaurant/ bar: a yemani fish place in djibouti

-drink/ cocktail: ginger ale

-decade: 90’s

-sport: skateboarding

-advice: “find what you love and let it kill you”

-nightmare: i’m marooned on an island with tracey emin

-shop: tokyo hands

-position: CEO

-vice: hacking

-woman (of all time): mom

-man (of all time): brother

-hobby: collecting civil war era tin type photos

-prized possession: my niece

way to go (die): while ingesting a twombly painting