the cabalistic order of the rose cross

claude debussy and erik satiethese two rosicrucian composers, claude debussy and erik satie, were both musically inclined and applauded for their esotericism. although debussy is reported to have detested ornamentation (he thrived on refinery) there are also reports that he loved children’s toys (especially those of his daughter, chouchou) and the circus.  on the other hand, satie’s worldliness spoke volumes in his treatments for piano, and additionally as a writer and philosopher.  satie was published in minimalist journals and vanity fair, to extract his diversity.  these two concentrated on a musical renewal, not a recycling, and were members of an order far beyond comprehension.  how quaint, to be influenced by a superior philosophy; in essence, to live and breathe every corpuscle of what you do in perpetuum. by sv