happy belated birthday keith

keith richards turned 70 on december 18th, and we all forgot to say happy birthday. long live and godspeed… 1943-2043  (keith is the one on the left, patti hansen on the right) by bh

prefabulous: charlotte perriand beach house

this is a previously unrealised prefab beach-house designed by modernist architect charlotte perriand in 1934. the project was initially conceived for an architecture competition to design cheap holiday lodging, held by french architecture magazine l’architecture d’aujourd’hui. it was never conceived or built until now… by the french “cheap holiday lodging” company louis vuitton. the charlotte perriand la maison au bord de leau by louis vuitton at design miami 2013 is currently located in the beach-side garden at the raleigh hotel on miami’s south beach. by ra+dd

le parc

today, i went to the opera garnier in paris to see “le parc” (the park), a ballet by angelin preljocaj with music by mozart. unsurprisingly, i have a soft spot for the ending scene, but realized to my horror that i actually had already seen this scene in… a commercial. ruined it… also, what’s going on with the billion people coughing during the first ten minutes of any play/ballet/opera?? by lil