kate, marcus, mert and marc turn 60 at the playboy club in london

kate moss by mert alas and marcus piggott for playboy 60th anniversary

hosted by marc jacobs at the playboy london club

here’s where mort and mirceus throw in the towel and run out of ideas… not to mention their spelling bee contest

by all means a step up for playboy US, they just attracted a few gay boy subscribers not to mention the more sensitive types like us. that said subscribers are down by 18% as of last friday, specifically in the semi-truck and CB radio sector crusin’ route 66. they have no idea who skinny ass kate is, and while they may know a mort, they’ve probably never met a mert. so is playboy finally realizing that the 80’s pulp has passed or is mr. jacobs expanding out with his owner/operator trucking gear now thats hes left vuitton? all good with us, and no complaints other than by this stage you’d think m&m would be a little more refined not to try every trick in the bag… and all that on the same shoot, nice colors boys. by xy