Local harvest: DJ playlists from new york city

“don’t forget the iiaa in georgia when listening to this mix by brian close. together with justin tipp he gives ears and eyes to the creative production studio georgia which is releasing “like comment” this month on meakusma records…” play it here

“adi j is part of trio threeASFOUR the new york city fashion and art collective and dj’s for special occasions. this mix is made in a full moon night… a range of universal tunes made to make you move & smile, enjoy…” play it here

“ceft coalition is a musical collaboration led by “internationalist buff”, ucef hanjani. the collective includes various friends, producers and selectors who have came together in NY in the past decade  for appearances at sunday sessions, frying pan, cielo and capital. here we bring you an exclusive mix of vintage and new electronic tracks with reggae/funk roots. expect to be surprised at the range of genres colliding in this mix – a true hallmark of this collective…” play it here

“new york city based austrian-mexican DJ kyra caruso brings you papagayo midnight session straight from mexico city’s papagayo estudio – with a broken heart to all lovers in the universe. classic and new soul…” play it here

some weekend listening goods, thanx to our pals at here we go now. enjoy… all photos by gerald forster. by ts