etienne de crecy – welcome

opening of etienne de crecy’s live show in 2007. the french dj collaborated with the collectif 1024-EXYZT to create this giant cube, on which a mapping video is projected in accordance with the music. the use of drugs is strongly recommended while watching. by lil

shirley–visions of reality

shirley visions of reality film 001

thirteen edward hopper paintings are brought to life through various eras in american history in gustav deutsch’s extraordinary film. follow shirley’s journey through myriad social and political crises as she remains a strong and determined woman. this was internationally released last year, i am crossing my fingers and toes for a united states release in the nearest future. read more about the film hereby sv

ed ruscha in nyc

ed ruscha honey i twisted through more damn traffic today mural

originally conceptualized for los angeles in 1977, this titular quip from the one and only ed ruscha is coming soon to new york. it will be on w. 22nd street & 10th avenue, right near the highline. this is ruscha’s first public nyc project; a silent soundtrack with playfully distracting vernacular. i don’t drive, but i’ll certainly be strolling by to take a look with my fellow pedestrians. by sv

l’odyssée de cartier by bruno aveillan

l’odyssée de cartier, the elaborately conceived film by bruno aveillan, is a fantasy trip where the cartier panther comes to life and travels the globe. cleverly, he makes key strategic stops along the way, in the sales-rich developing markets like china and india; undoubtedly guaranteeing a consistent flow of sales from these new wealth customers.

nicely imagined and shot as only bruno aveillan could. my only criticism is that the obvious pander could have been a bit more artful. by uh

some heavy heavy sh#%t

stereophile 101: ok we all know that the weight of a speaker and its components/equipment can substantially alter the sound coming out of them. this occurs mainly due to lack of jitter and aided resonance, creating a tighter base and minimizing vibrations… but hell, i had never seen a stereo system made out of pure marble, now that’s pretty awesome to look at and it can only sound just as sweet… by uh