Aaron “jaws” Homoki

aaron "jaws" homoki lands a huge ollie

our knees ache just from watching this. how long will jaws be the undisputed king of impact? it’s just mind blowing. by na

quote of the day: gena on john

gena rowlands and john cassavetes

“i was a woman with a plan. i knew the only thing, that could’ve really stopped me, in my opinion, was to fall in love.

i went in, at lunch, to put my books in the locker and i got to the doorway and … i saw john cassavetes, and i thought : oh, oh damn! no, no, no. no!

that’s just exactly what i don’t want.”

-gena rowlands on meeting her husband, john cassavetes

and the most important happens when you least expect it. for h. by sv

marquez by avedon

richard avedon gabriel garcia marquez

here is the second session richard avedon and gabriel garcia marquez shared in 2004. the first attempt was in 1976, but the photographer considered the portrait a “failure” according to the new yorker. this failure, however, emerged in avedon as a desire–he sought to photograph the late author again; finally getting his wish nearly thirty years later. and what a success it turned out to be that time around. goodnight, sweet prince. by sv

westbam featuring psychedelic furs’ richard butler: you need the drugs – footage from the B movie rockumentary

don’t be so la di da

you need the drugs… great time-travel video footage put to the westbam track featuring richard butler of psychedelic furs on his Götterstraße album. the film clips in this video are from rockumentary film b movie. be careful this video is quite convincing, but drugs are not that great after all! enjoy the trip… by ms

sol lewitt

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.15.36 AM

the famously shy artist sol lewitt is depicted in this new documentary film by chris teerink. a dominant voice in conceptual art, lewitt’s legacy of stunning colors and illusory patterns is beauty that has, and will continue to span and inspire artists and admirers alike. the film will be playing at the illustrious film forum in new york city, may 7-13. by sv