massimo vignelli

massimo vignelli graphic designer

“we like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless. one life is too short for doing everything.”

we will miss you massimo; a paragon of graphic design ideals and standards–there is one less visionary in the world today. by sv

there will be blood

after an hour of endless scrolling on my netflix home page, i finally gave up and made myself watch there will be blood, which as been on my wishlist since it came out in 2007. now all i can think about is when i can watch it again. by lil

ask: stefan sagmeister — graphic designer

my favorite _____ is:

-villain: klaus kinski in my best fiend

-book: a man in love, karl ove knausgaard

-smell: comme de garcon, kyoto

-film: adaptation by spike jonze

-band/musician/composer: king crimson

-artist: james turrell

city: new york city

-restaurant/ bar: el bulli

-drink/ cocktail: ginger tea

-decade: 2004-2014

-sport: running

-advice: stay small

-food: tiny bow (chinese dumplings)

-prized possession: my dad’s watch

way to go (die): in bed, either alone or with somebody lovely

hotel americano






with a stunning design by renowned mexican architect enrique norten, the hotel americano stands majestically in the heart of west chelsea. boasting a gorgeous interior design by mch-arnaud montigny, visitors can enjoy their wood-enclosed beds, or dine and swim at the rooftop restaurant and luxurious pool (which changes temperature, depending on the season). by xy