sotheby’s x nigo


the particular brain behind the late 90’s cult brand, a bathing ape, is teaming up with the auction house sotheby’s. what seems to be a selection of nigo’s eclectic collection of pop-art, vintage furniture and plush toys is scheduled to go under the hammer in october. by kt

take a ride on the wild side


lou reed was a man of oh-so-many talents. including, as we see here, a good pitch. this is the 1985 ad for honda scooters, where lou urges you not to settle for walking, but wherever you travel–make sure it’s somewhere wild. you can see the world trade center in the background of the ad, and the sordid world of manhattan’s lower east side in the commercial. my my, how things change–but lou’s undeniable cool will reign forever! by sv

some ernest advice

letter from hemingway to fitzgerald

sometimes, you feel like you lose all the bloom–GET OVER IT. listen to hemingway, “just keep on and go through with it now…” amen, papa. by sv

finger lickin’ good, y’all

elBulli 2005-2011 Cookbook copy

Dom Perignon - a cookbook

for all gastronomical minded heads, make sure to check out the latest compilation from ferran adria and his el bull restaurant. the set of seven books retails for around $600. if you have any extra bucks left, make sure to pick up the super limited edition dom perginon 2008 cookbook, bound in super rare japanese sea-green galuchat leather, if you can find it, it will cost you another $1800. by kt