GENESIS: The Messenger Part 1 of many…


another film by the dynamic duo santiago and mauricio sierra featuring model frida gustavsson. be prepared to travel in your mind. deciphering this will not be easy but its a feast for your tired and broken eyes. your layman’s review of the clip will go something like this;

“in a dark industrial future world, frida is dead… her wicked coffin is designed by xavier veilhan. we then peak inside and find that frida lays there bare and rather oiled in fetal position. not a bad way to die…. (as a matter of fact that’s exactly how i plan to go). the machines switch on. pistons pound and wheels and gears churn. freda senses her calling from inside the coffin. she is evidently aroused by the noise and the machines as her nipples extend to the heavens. a diaphragm opens and closes. a piston pounds again. are these the machines inside her, powering her moves? or are they her sexual memories? freda leaves her womb like coffin and floats in mid air naked. she is scanned by a giant scanner. she twitches as if a shock of electricity was streamed into her vains. suddenly she opens her eyes. she is alive again! and now she is dressed… sort of nicely in heel and all (?). we scan her again. her memory is retained, she stretches her neck in one yoga move. she smirks and laughs… she is ready for something but what… find out…”

ts teams assessment; you can’t really loose with a pretty naked girl and a pair of talented boys. we will probably like what ever they will do. by xy