the kate bush story

yes i used to have a few early kate bush albums, and yes i had a sort of love / hate relationship with the songs. they at once captivated and annoyed you but they stayed in there somewhere, because she was truly original. at the time, many mocked her silly theatrics and high pitched voice, but who could they talk about in the 80’s if not kate. the chart music at the time was quite drab. in later years she did became a bit too schmaltzy and common-romantic but she found herself after a long rest away from the lime-light and came back with a truly original album in “50 words for snow”.

now… years later i had to repurchase some of her tracks, namely her early work, wuthering heights, which itself has a lovely video with kate looking as chic as anyone in a current fashion shoot would hope to (again you can forgive the silly wide-shots with the awkward legs). in any case, come what may, she was a special someone for sure, and a true stand-out in a sea of deep fried pop. the credit goes to pink floyds david gilmour who practically discovered her and signed her up with his record company at the time. looking her up i found this documentary by bbc, the kate bush story 2014, which i think any kate bush acquaintance may find of interest. i had a bit of a hard time after 24 minutes until the very end as this in between time was a bit embarrassing in my opinion, but take a look and see. enjoy. by ac