paint me a zebra

friday zebra facts… just because: no animal has a more distinctive coat than the zebra. each animal’s stripes are as unique as fingerprints—no two are exactly alike—although each of the three species of zebras has its own general pattern. do you know why do zebras have stripes at all? scientists aren’t sure, but many theories center on their utility as some form of camouflage. the patterns may make it difficult for predators to identify a single animal from a running herd and distort distance at dawn and dusk not mention completely disorient a predator that attempts to hone-in on one is a running mess of B&W stripes. or that B&W is so in this season. or they may dissuade insects that recognize only large areas of single-colored fur or act as a kind of natural sunscreen. because of their uniqueness, stripes may also help zebras recognize one another. by xy

new yorkers for japan: new yorker magazine

anna – model

christopher korey – stylist

ucef hanjani – creative director

ashlee ownes – fashion blogger

dashiel brahmann – designer

vassili di napoli – kuboraum

one has to wonder what brings these people to this city and onto japans new yorkers. i think new york is the one place that you can be anyone or anything, dress up or down, be a fool or a fox and yet, you can walk around completely unnoticed… unless by a few street photographers like wataru bob shimosato… so go ahead, do what you please, cause everyday is halloween in NYC… by ar

the august smart lock designed by yves behar


install is simple and only requires a pre-k or higher degreeAugust-smart-lock-iphone-silver

the august smart lock, designed by fuse projects yves behar, is finally out. you can unlock your door with your iphone or a key, the unit sits inside the space so outsiders will not notice it but the best part is you can send an electronic key to any mobile device user so they can unlock your unit with out ever having a key in their possession. this will be of great use for house keepers, nanny’s, one night stands, and temporary employees you plan to ditch. you can monitor who enters, and when they entered the unit, and can reject entry with one click. the design is simple and well produced. we saw samples last night. only criticism visually is the “a logo” on the front which looks more like a manufacturing defect than a logo, but hell we are design geeks… most people won’t even notice that. but then again, who cares about most people. the goal is to impress us. by uh

adidas skateboard stan smith



did you know the grip on the stan smiths was based on snake skin?


and who knew? i had no idea stan smith had anything to do with skateboarding, let alone the gonz (mark gonzales) 

here’s a new take on the classic adidas stan smith. i suppose you can make it any color, and it will still be cool. love the two-tone grip sole, and personally, i think i’d take this over pharrell’s m+m color line. by dd

naked shoes: the sabah dealer

 walk naked. leave your socks at home

yes we know it’s fall, but this is too good to hold off till next spring. so… jet-setters, peddlers of the city, philosophers, weekend warriors, day trippers… we have some advice for you… we tend to like products that have a story behind them. be it the craftsmanship, the origin, the material, their true value, or all of the above. here is a start, drop $170 doll-hairs on a pair of shoes that just gets better with time; some enviable, hand stitched slip-ons, made with integrity by people not machines. we are talking about sabahs. 

so what the hell are “sabahs”?

every pair of sabahs is handmade from high quality, naturally-tanned leather by cobblers in southeast turkey. these cobblers are trained in a disappearing skill of hand stitched shoe construction, unique to sabah, that has been cultivated over generations in the ancient bazaars of turkey. by employing this special technique, the sabah dealer creates footwear that is remarkably comfortable, simply made, and easy to repair. they tend to age gracefully and are made to accompany you in your travels.


the more you wear them, the more you love them and the more they love you back

your sabahs are going to fit snug to your feet, they are going to mold to your foot, and to your walking patterns on this earth

tomorrow-started-the-sabah-dealer-travel-plans-footwear-to-travel-the-world-in copy

“ok, you’ve sold me, now how do i get a pair?”

due to the traditional nature of the craft, the cobblers can only produce a limited quantity of sabahs every month. and so far we’ve bought all of them. although they do keep stock on-hand at the sabah house, the majority of sabahs are made-to-order for each customer and delivered within six to eight weeks, that is unless, you’re cool enough to pick them up yourself… (see ordering instructions below).

“yes, i’m cool enough to pick em up, tell me where!”

well… tucked away in the lower east side of manhattan is a secret showroom slash hangout spot with a great bohemian vibe happening. rumor has it that on sundays, the sabah house even throws down. it supposedly entails libations, live music, and if you’re into it… some great conversation. (the ts crew may or may not be spotted at a sabah sunday. you might just end up in some great convo with one of us bandits.) here’s how you can get there. email your order and ask to personally pick them up.

 “yes, i’m cool but not that cool.  first assure me that “the sabah dealer” isn’t what it sounds like”

“the dealer” (no, not that kind of dealer) is the brains behind the semi-exclusive brand. he is actually a former hedge-funder who wandered to turkey and was introduced to this age-old trade through a sweet little thang he was dating at the time. the dealer’s interest in the footwear and craft began the brand the sabah dealer, growing the business by grass-root practices into what it is today. if he isn’t being referred to as “the dealer” he goes by mickey ashmore, whose motto is “one bag, one pair.” not a bad motto, mickey, not a bad one at all. this globetrotting entrepreneur will remain a mystery man until you hit him up for your first pair. and trust us ladies, when we say… even if he wasn’t so charming, you would still want a pair. if you are located in east-jabib and cant make it to the lower east side don’t fret. just email the dealer and he’ll ship it to you. by kgb

landscape interior

OLAFUR ELIASSON art tomorrow started

tomorrow started blog art OLAFUR ELIASSON

OLAFUR ELIASSON art blog  OLAFUR ELIASSON tomorrow started

we love this landscape installation of the islandic artist, olafur eliasson. we have previously seen his waterfall installation under brooklyn bridge, this time however, you have to travel to the outskirts of copenhagen to view his latest work at the louisiana museum of modern art. read more about the exhibition here. by kt

Ned Benson’s The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby



our friend ned benson’s movie(s), the disappearance of eleanor rigby, starring jessica chastain and james mcavoy, is going wide this friday to major cities all over the country for the HIM and HER versions (which is pretty cool – maybe catch both if you are in a dilemma). guaranteed to provide a strong emotional experience… by fp