1962 MGB Sebring Roadster

two of the three original MGBs that won the sebring race

special tuning engine – modified

to reduce fueling stops, the MGs were fitted with dual special tuning gas tanks with quick-release le mans-style fuel fillers

the interiors of the cars were very close to stock in appearance, using the original seats, complete with contrasting piping to match the body color

automobile racing was an important part of every automobile company’s marketing program in the ’50s and ’60s. having just introduced its new MGB sports car to the important U.S. market, in the fall of 1962, british motor corporation’s factory team entered two MGBs in the 12 hour florida International grand prix of endurance at sebring in early 1963. what is surprising is that not only that the little MGB achieved success in the race in 1964, but that two of the three original MGBs still survive, and have just been restored to the exact specifications in which they raced that year. if you are an MG fan you are probably familiar with these little devils, and if not you should surely check the history out. lovely little cars to zoom about town. by dd