candide thovex: just one of those days

this is just one of those days… when it is this cold you might as well be in the snow chomping on some freeskiing. this gets us in the mood to move some powder. now talk about insane skiing, candide thovex puts everyone else in a bag with this video. i’m still sitting here geeking out on the shot at 0:17 and how the hell they did that. the view is a self portrait of thovex’s done as a POV but there is no camera visible in the mirror, then the goggles come over the camera lens… of course after a few hours of some serious head-scratching i think i figured it out, and what they really did was pretty plain and simple… a smart cheap camera trick if you will, but a good one… the mirror i reckon is tilted to the side and the hands in the frame are actually not the hands of candide, but the DP… now it seems obvious you say, but so does the invention of the wheel, no? in any case this dude was born in annecy, france and wet his paws on the french alps. hes one damn good skier. take a peek but do not try this at home, especially if you live on mount fuji, chamonix, mérida, K2, or olympus mons (mars).  by ars