want vs. need

need. spotted on one of our favorite sites/shops, brooksengland.com , this ‘rad’ bike and other similar models are made by ruder-rad of germany. not only do their bikes give you a laid-back experience for cruising, but the mechanisms are pretty killer too. the handle bar can be used in a rowing motion to add power to the bike in tandem with your standard foot peddling motion… and if you don’t want to row, then just sit back and peddle, it’s optional! you’re bound to have a smooth ride due to your laid-back weight bouncing on the supportive spring. the basket on the back and the headlamp mounted on the front wheel are just cherries on top. this model will run you 2999 euros or roughly 3554 us dollars. but how much do us city slickers spend on our monthly unlimited subway cards, taxis, and ubers combined? we think its worth a splurge. snag yours here. (and hey ruder-rad, feel free to wheel one over our way! the ts crew will take turns riding it proudly around nyc). by ar