PSA: we interrupt this message to bring you…


before reading this, you should press play on the music clip above to set the mood

we apologize for being off line earlier this week. we would have never guessed it, but someone out there finds us interesting enough to fool around in our dirty underwear. TS was hacked and taken down to china town (sorry, we just like that… ’cause it rhymes). now, of all places to hack, why would anyone bother with our little TS? we feel rather honored and special to be considered as worthy of a cyber attack, especially since we always saw ourselves as being on the wrong side of the tracks too.

the alleged suspect of course had a pseudonym, in line with mr. pink and mr. orange, our friend signed in under mr. lemon.

so here it is: dear mr. lemon, the folks at TS would love to know… sup? we’d love to do an interview with you and hear all about it. we can do this through your mailinator should you free up some time in your busy schedule. we are serious. let us know. lots of love. your friendly folks at TS… by ts