1910 kubus chair by austrian architect joseph hoffmann


austrian architect joseph hoffmann


early prototypes of hoffmann’s kubus armchair


simplicity of the grid – and repetition


source of inspiration for the now famous le corbusier LC2 and LC3 cube chairs


kubus in soft white leather


where did this come from? evolution of the less linear hoffmann clubchair

chairs we like… kubus is a perfect example of hoffmann’s strict geometrical lines and the quadratic theme in this iconic and historic armchair. designed back in 1910, it was presented at the international exhibition held in buenos aires on the centennial of argentinean independence known as the may revolution. his work was of great influence to modernist architects and this specific chair was reportedly the initial source of inspiration for the now famous le corbusier LC2 and LC3 chairs created back in 1928 for villa church that appeared at the salon d’automne in 1929. corbusier literally took the kubus chair and turned it inside out, bringing the structure of the armchair hidden under the surface material and placing it on the outer edge. hoffmann’s constant use of squares and cubes earned him the nickname quadratl hoffmann or “square hoffmann”. But he was not always bound by linera lines as evident in his club chair above. the hoffmann kubus chairs range from $4K to $2.5k ( pamono wittman edition ) and knock offs for even less. corrections are always welcomed in the comments section. by uh