time for some Krautrock: the can vs. kraftwerk


the can surely can: damo suzuki killin’ it on stage


early kraftwerk rockpalast 

if you like electronic music here are the godfathers before it all started. early kraftwerk experiments using home made machines and instruments


diggin’ the scene in the 1970’s rockpalast

the can concert : soest 1970



the audience was dumb founded, going between “can i get the f#@ck out” and “i’m gonna kill the guy on the flute”

you gotta look at this post not as entertainment, but rather as your “duty”. remember history class in 7th grade? yes it’s torturous, but in the name of art, evolution and experimentation, here are two devastatingly difficult concert you must submit to watching. if nothing, just to accept the future generations experiments in the highly intellectual world of music and art. just look at that acclaimed work of today’s giants, like kenya east or lady gogo, and ponder for a moment of what they have contributed to our world. (pardon our sarcasm).

kraftwerk include: florian schneider (flutes, synthesizers, electro-violin) and ralf hütter (electronic organ, synthesizers) met as students at the robert schumann hochschule in düsseldorf in the late 1960s, participating in the german experimental music and art scene of the time, which the british music press dubbed “krautrock”.

the can constructed their music largely through collective spontaneous composition—which the band differentiated from improvisation in the jazz sense—sampling themselves in the studio and editing down the results. bassist/chief engineer holger czukay referred to can’s live and studio performances as “instant compositions”. i think you can see that! by rb

smoking and drinking are fine: but here are 6 things you should not do


ok i know we all smoke… occasionally,  and we all drink like tomorrow is our last. but still… that is no reason to use deodorants, or even worse, sleep each night on our mattress at home (bear with me). i mean yes, we all do stupid silly things, but that is because we chose to, knowingly. we heard the news, read about the risks, researched the possibilities and then, and only then, we went on a shark feeding dive in tahiti. what we hate is that we are risking being poisoned, with out our knowledge, and with out a single mind altering benefit to write about, while we fill the pockets of the chemical industry giants. this has gotta stop. but we must start somewhere. here are 6 things you should not do…

1- BPA’s in canned food:

how to avoid: majority of canned goods use BPA in their lining, this synthetic hormone has been linked to various forms of cancer, as well as reproductive problems and heart disease. look for BPA free cans and avoid plastics that are marked with “PC” or recycling label #7. read the back of the can.

2- PVC’s in anything plastic that goes into your mouth:

how to avoid: they are in those clear ice coffee cups (shit i drink 4 a day!) plastic food containers (topper-ware), plastic utensils, children’s toys and plastic wrap and anything made from PVC. this baby encourages the death of testicular cells in men and is linked to hormonal changes, birth defects related to the male reproductive system and thyroid abnormalities, but nothing else.

3- PBDE’s (flame retardants) are in your mattress, sofa, curtains, stereo:

how to avoid: it’s virtually impossible to avoid PBDE’s entirely, they are used as a flame retardant and many attempts to ban them have been crushed by the industry lobby. they cause permanent learning and memory impairment (which explains the young intern syndrome of today), delayed puberty onset, and decreased sperm count. each night you go to bed, or sit on your sofa, you are being exposed to them through your bodies largest organ, your skin… but it helps to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to catch the dust that comes off of them. i wonder if even my fancy horse hair bed has this shit sprayed on it?

4- mercury is found in your lovely seafood dish:

how to avoid: cut down on your tuna, especially your fancy tuna (as that is the worse), if you must eat tuna (bluefin tuna status: endangered species) eat the cheap canned tuna (BPA free can) because they use the younger tuna (bad for the species, but better for you) or the less fatty parts of bigger tuna which contain the least mercury as mercury is stored in the fat of the tuna (and then yours) and the fat of the fish that the big tuna eat. mercury builds up in your body (like radiation) and exposure leads to brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system diseases. yum! make mine seared.

5- aluminum and parabens found in antiperspirants and creams:

how to avoid: get hand and body lotions that are paraben free. absolutely avoid all common deodorant like “dry idea”, “ban” (i mean the god-damn name warns you on the label, how stupid are we?) “degree”, etc. try a brand that does not list anything aluminum+(blah, blah) note that you will stink for the first few weeks but then you’ll be surprised as to how less stinky you become after that. that is because “antiperspirants” literally block your sweat glands and do not allow sweat to exit. now where do you think all that sweat goes? that is all the toxins that have been building up, finally coming out. imagine if you finally pooped after, say 18 years, its not gonna be a pleasant sight. aluminum is responsible for increased risk of breast cancer especially if you shave before applying. but also alzheimer… which i already have. parabens simply cause breast cancer but at least you will remember why you got cancer to begin with.

6-  pesticides (organophosphate) found in your average fruit and vegetables:

how to avoid: grow your own shit if you live in woodstock, otherwise buy organic produce whenever possible and use the EWG guide to find out which nonorganic produce contains the least amount of pesticide residue. but what are organophosphate pesticides? ok gotta love this; “these pesticides were originally developed by nazi germany during WWII for use in chemical warfare, using the same chemistry, we now spray them on our crops.” you gotta love capitalism. they are linked to impaired brain development, fertility and thyroid function.

*** disclaimer: drinking and smoking are not fine. they are bad. if you are not already a drunk, or a nicotine addict, do not start. it sucks. also, never believe 100% of what you read anywhere, but especially here. please use this as a starting point to research and learn more about the shit we are being fed, and take action with your purchasing power for our future and the earth future. for beginners you can also watch the “human experiment” movie with mister sean penn on the horn.

end fact: you probably know the EU has strict policies on chemicals. but did you know china has a stricter public exposure to chemical policy than the US? that is actually true. they sell shit to us that they cant sell in china! not their fault, but ours. by dd

Bumcello: we are all wet inside



“wet” acoustic version below


this is a song about wetting your pants. but in france that is very romantic supposedly. crazy french guys doing some crazy shit. bumcello… there is much interesting stuff coming out of france, exported by pp. worth a listen. by pp+uh

sit on this: maximo riera hippo chair is one motherfrying furniture icon

maximo-riera-hip0-chair-sofa-most-expensive maximo-riera-hippo-chair-animal-sofa-designer  designer-african-hippo-chair-sofamaximo-riera-hippopotamus-black-leather-designer-chair cover-maximo_riera_hippopotamus_chair_2014-latest-creation

created in the same style as the rest of his chairs from the “animal chair collection”, the aptly named maximo riera‘s “hippopotamus chair” was created in thick, black, leather with a limited run of just 20 editions. you can sit on one for a hefty $95,000, but just imagine, no matter how fat your future guest will be, they will feel at home and will forever appreciate your love of blubber (PS blubber is indeed found in hippos which makes these chunky animals surprisingly buoyant). by ar

don’t love you no more, but you can keep the keys. i changed it to an august smart lock


jack nicholson will now demonstrate the new august smart lock


come on in… well, not alla youz!


we just received our august smart lock and are very excited to put it to work. the installation is supposed to be quite simple and should fit “any standard deadbolt lock”


once installed that’s all you see on the inside of your door

our august smart lock (a $250 cylinder you install on the inside of your door) is here and awaiting to mate with our lovely door. whats great is that we don’t actually need to remove our lock, because it only replaces our deadbolt’s inside module. once placed in and turned on well have a bluetooth-connected, motorized deadbolt that can remotely lock and unlock the door when we press a button on our phone… or automatically lock as we leave, and unlock as we approach the door… nice! but the best part is you can give temporary keys to anyone you choose, and disable them when you want. you can also schedule access, for say, cleaning lady, baby sitter, or your neighborhood dominatrix to set up. but there are a few caveats; 1- don’t forget, there is some effort required here; i.e any user must first download the app, register an account, take a picture of themselves, then verify their email address and phone number before they can open your door. bit of a hassle? yes. but you don’t want just anyone to get access now? 2- although august claims idiot-proof installation, the install does require a few logical considerations. a) if you have double locks you need to be aware that august only controls one (duh!). also b) the mechanism in the electronic lock has its limits. if your deadbolt is not smoothly operating or it was installed during the dark ages, it could affect the performance of the lock by causing difficulty for the august motor to push the deadbolt through. so be mindful that the assumption is that your deadbolt is in tip top shape, if it isn’t (as was the case with ours) you may want to amend the issue before install.

so what’s so great about all this? why would i want to change my current lock? here are a few good reasons that convinced us as to why we would need a key-less entry lock like the august smart lock;

– well firstly it’s designed by the swiss industrial designer yves behar. we were told you should just get one, to have one.

– need to allow temporary access for your most recently acquired boyfriend/girlfriend with out the awkward key exchange… and retrieval

– your pet monkey is really smart… but not that smart

– need to allow scheduled access to your fancy cleaning crew who own an iphone (don’t they all? besides it works on android)

– need to cut down on key and lock replacements due to fast turn-around of lovely “associates”

– forgot your 5lbs key chain at work

– your “roommate” lost his key again

– pierre and marilou are gonna crash in your ski chalet in graubünden, and you haven’t been there for “like weeeeeeks”

– need to let your guest/air b&b into your apt but cant leave work (will require the $50 august connect wifi plug)

– your super called and said there is fire in your study (that’s where you’re supposed to keep your damn books, which you don’t have)

– finally, how can you trust the kids with a key… when you cant trust them with a f#@kin’ plastic bag?

there you have it…if your still not convinced… then i suppose you don’t need one. stay tuned we’re gonna report back with a proper field test… photo credit: jack nicholson in stanley kubrick’s film the shining written by stephen king. by uh

The Memories Come Back in Waves




“john severson’s surf” is a book that presents the languid-meets-extreme-thrills lifestyle of surfing through paintings and vivid photography. while his were among the first surf movies, it was the posters associated with them, hugely popular when issued in the 1950s and 1960s, that remain collector favorites today. showcased in these early posters, his graphic skills translated easily to surfer magazine which he founded in 1960. the magazine was the first to celebrate and revolutionize the art and sport of surfing, establishing it as a powerful pop culture phenomenon.

severson expanded his career to include photography, with photographs appearing in life, sports illustrated, paris match and other print venues. the first issue was a 36-page collection of black-and-white photos, cartoon sketches and short articles—almost every aspect of which was created by severson himself. as the magazine grew in popularity, so did his graphic work and paintings. by lb

cool, cool, cool: howdy mr. and mrs. moncler

mr-moncler-figurines-toy-figures copy

“i’m gonna ride into omoha on a horse, out to the country club and the golf course,

carrying a new york times, shoot a few holes, blow their minds…”

mr-moncler-skateboard-figures copy

an “A”  for effort, but NEVER carry a long-board around here…

mr-mrs-moncler-dolls copy

you can call him muffin… oh, and shes just bluffin’


me and muffin! i’m a poet, and i know it…

love these little guys from moncler… but don’t bother lookin’ to buy em like i did yet, they are not available for sale. i had a few pieces of moncler when i was a kid. a blue and red sweater, a doudoune jacket, etc… my parents brought em back from a trip to france and my sister and i skied in em. had no idea what they were, but i remembered those colors and the logo and that stayed in my head until i started seeing every kid on the corner sporting one. i suppose moncler’s are still special if you can navigate your way through a million fake sites, or cough up $1,500 for a polyamide and feather (not all down) jacket at the store, but that’s a steep price when you can get an all down 800fill serious outdoor jacket for $400 or even under $300… i suppose i’m poorer than my parents now, but that’s the new american way that we all voted for! jive credit: bob dylan, ofcourse. by xy