sit on this: maximo riera hippo chair is one motherfrying furniture icon

maximo-riera-hip0-chair-sofa-most-expensive maximo-riera-hippo-chair-animal-sofa-designer  designer-african-hippo-chair-sofamaximo-riera-hippopotamus-black-leather-designer-chair cover-maximo_riera_hippopotamus_chair_2014-latest-creation

created in the same style as the rest of his chairs from the “animal chair collection”, the aptly named maximo riera‘s “hippopotamus chair” was created in thick, black, leather with a limited run of just 20 editions. you can sit on one for a hefty $95,000, but just imagine, no matter how fat your future guest will be, they will feel at home and will forever appreciate your love of blubber (PS blubber is indeed found in hippos which makes these chunky animals surprisingly buoyant). by ar