time for some Krautrock: the can vs. kraftwerk


the can surely can: damo suzuki killin’ it on stage


early kraftwerk rockpalast 

if you like electronic music here are the godfathers before it all started. early kraftwerk experiments using home made machines and instruments


diggin’ the scene in the 1970’s rockpalast

the can concert : soest 1970



the audience was dumb founded, going between “can i get the f#@ck out” and “i’m gonna kill the guy on the flute”

you gotta look at this post not as entertainment, but rather as your “duty”. remember history class in 7th grade? yes it’s torturous, but in the name of art, evolution and experimentation, here are two devastatingly difficult concert you must submit to watching. if nothing, just to accept the future generations experiments in the highly intellectual world of music and art. just look at that acclaimed work of today’s giants, like kenya east or lady gogo, and ponder for a moment of what they have contributed to our world. (pardon our sarcasm).

kraftwerk include: florian schneider (flutes, synthesizers, electro-violin) and ralf hütter (electronic organ, synthesizers) met as students at the robert schumann hochschule in düsseldorf in the late 1960s, participating in the german experimental music and art scene of the time, which the british music press dubbed “krautrock”.

the can constructed their music largely through collective spontaneous composition—which the band differentiated from improvisation in the jazz sense—sampling themselves in the studio and editing down the results. bassist/chief engineer holger czukay referred to can’s live and studio performances as “instant compositions”. i think you can see that! by rb