the enigma of klaus kinski


an end clip with kinski playing werner herzog’s aguirre wrath of god. this can be seen as an addendum to dd’s post!!

klaus kinski, the epic actor, who played in herzog’s aguirre wrath of god (one of our favorite films of all time – a must see) was a german national of polish decent and born to a struggling family in germany. his father was a failed opera singer, and his mother a nurse. his true name was klaus günter karl nakszynski, which he later changes to klaus kinsky. he was conscripted at age 17 into the german wehrmacht some time in 1943, serving in the army. he saw no action until the winter of 1944, when his unit was transferred to the netherlands. he was wounded and captured by the british army on his second day of combat and was eventually transferred to england as  prisoner of war. of course in true kinsky fashion, he recalled the events differently. kinsky claimed that he defected from the german wehrmacht and was court marshaled and sentenced to death. he explained that he theh managed to escaped, and turned himself-in to the british army, but as his recollections on the set of fitzcarraldo he is likely painting a finer picture than what was reality. at the end of the war the german POW’s were anxious to return home. kinski had heard that sick prisoners were to be returned first, and being the nut case that he is, he tried to qualify by standing outside naked at night, drinking urine and eating cigarettes. he remained healthy but finally was returned to germany in 1946, after spending a year and four months in captivity. upon arrival he discovered that his father had died and his mother had perished in the allied bombing. alone, he pursued what he had first experienced under allied imprisonment, acting… and the rest is history. the enigma of klaus kinski still remains. by uh

here we go now weekend playlist: happy listening


our friends at “here we go now” yoga to the groove. here are just 4 of the many eclectic playlists available from their blog. click on links to check em out. happy listening and good weekend y’all… above: dj & kundalini yoga teacher yeva don with her poetic inspiration towards infinite gratitude to mother earth. this music mix is a journey of emotions that teaches you how to breathe, feel, give, live and dance…” follow her on instagram. khan-gerald-forster

“to all who hear this collage as it concerns you, i put this together as an extension of myself and what i am standing for, freedom. i want for this to leave you moved and inspired to do what it is you are here to do in this space and time in every moment, thus you will be free. so, here we go now…” – anthony “the twilite tone” dj khan…” DJ-Lima-Love

dj lima love, has created a transcendental meditation mix with a beautiful melodic and sensitive soulful splash of vertical love… “ Ucef-Hanjani-ceft-coalition

“ceft coalition is a musical collaboration led by “internationalist buff”, ucef hanjani. the collective includes various friends, producers and selectors who have came together in NY in the past decade  for appearances at 675 hudson, sunday sessions, frying pan, cielo and capital. here we bring you an exclusive mix of vintage and new electronic tracks with reggae/funk roots. expect to be surprised at the range of genres colliding in this mix – a true hallmark of this collective…” follow them on instagram. all photos by herr gerald forster. visit “here we go now” blog by clicking here.

Just to even the grounds here’s Nastassja Kinski in the summer of 1970s

Nastasia-Kinski-nude -bikini

hello summer.


and just so you all behave… here’s her father, klaus. nice guy, short temper. just ask werner…

image 1: nastassja kinski, daughter of klaus kinski. image 2: a rare picture on location for the film “aguirre wrath of god” by werner herzog. pure genius, go see it if you haven’t, its 2 hours of nastassja walking in the amazon in her bikini… kinda… and then klaus comes in, and kills werner. by dd

Easy Tiger!


genius sexting going on here… easy calvin… we all know you’re no homophobe but did you just team up with grindr or something? talk about pandering to your audience below the belt… access is definitely granted! calvin klein text advertising… by xy

carry on chap: berluti un jour

berluti deux jour luxury bag

berluti bag luxury bag du jour

forget the scarf and the hat, here’s the prize accessory for the dandy man: the ultimate briefcase comes from berluti and is made from the brands signature venezia leather that can be customized with one of their extensive and well guarded secret patinas. the bag is perfectly suited to fulfill the task as your everyday office briefcase and it will fit all necessary essentials on your overnight business trip. like most things premium it comes with a hefty cost, and can be yours for $3,300 (excluding tax of course). pay the cost to be the boss at you local berluti store, or take one of their “of the shelf colors” at mr. porterby kt

shity cars we love, the story of ford escort MKI: alan mann racing and other greats


the ford escort alan mann racing. the ford, not unlike the mini cooper, was a goofy car that kicked ars.

ford escort debut in 007 james bond film… also look for alan mann gold and red escort as well as the original ford escort’s kooky commercials


ford escort twin cam rally race editions


the escort MKI was in production from 1968 to 1975

if you are a fan of escorts, go to kick starter, and help david brodie tell his story about his beloved escort “run baby run”


the original rally race car


less grill is the best grill



right hand drive – interior of the RS ford escort MKI and early MKII


green light 1/43 scale fast and furious ford escort model approx $20


and now the newly released for 2015 tiny hot wheels 1/64 scale “fast and furious ford escort RS1600” toy version. an awesome replica for $3 that will surely become a collectors. go out and get one.

“the mark I ford escort was actually not made in the US but rather introduced in the UK for its premier at the end of 1967. it replaced the successful long running anglia. the car was presented in europe as a product of ford’s european operation. initially the continental escorts differed slightly from the UK built ones under the skin fitted with dual hydraulic circuits; and wider rims. at the beginning of 1970, european production transferred to a new plant in west germany.

the escort was a commercial success in several parts of europe, but nowhere more than in the UK, where the national best seller of the 1960s, the famous mini cooper/morris were beginning to show their age. in summer of 1974, six years into the car’s UK introduction, ford announced the completion of the two millionth ford escort, a milestone hitherto unmatched by any ford model outside the US. it was also stated that 60% of the two million escorts had been built in britain. it eventually became the european car of the year. a higher performance version for rallies and racing became available, under the name of escort twin cam and went to win numerous races all across the world.”  by dd+wp

encyclopedia wikipedia by michael mandiberg





we kindda like the idea of having all these white books on our book shelves. this is the entire english language wikipedia in 7,600 volumes. generated by software, and created by artist michael mandiberg and available for $500,000. print wikipedia is less of a practical tool and more of an artistic observation of the largest accumulation of human knowledge. it is a poetic gesture towards the futility of the scale of big data that has become such an important part of our daily lives. pretty cool. by dd