here we go now weekend playlist: happy listening


our friends at “here we go now” yoga to the groove. here are just 4 of the many eclectic playlists available from their blog. click on links to check em out. happy listening and good weekend y’all… above: dj & kundalini yoga teacher yeva don with her poetic inspiration towards infinite gratitude to mother earth. this music mix is a journey of emotions that teaches you how to breathe, feel, give, live and dance…” follow her on instagram. khan-gerald-forster

“to all who hear this collage as it concerns you, i put this together as an extension of myself and what i am standing for, freedom. i want for this to leave you moved and inspired to do what it is you are here to do in this space and time in every moment, thus you will be free. so, here we go now…” – anthony “the twilite tone” dj khan…” DJ-Lima-Love

dj lima love, has created a transcendental meditation mix with a beautiful melodic and sensitive soulful splash of vertical love… “ Ucef-Hanjani-ceft-coalition

“ceft coalition is a musical collaboration led by “internationalist buff”, ucef hanjani. the collective includes various friends, producers and selectors who have came together in NY in the past decade  for appearances at 675 hudson, sunday sessions, frying pan, cielo and capital. here we bring you an exclusive mix of vintage and new electronic tracks with reggae/funk roots. expect to be surprised at the range of genres colliding in this mix – a true hallmark of this collective…” follow them on instagram. all photos by herr gerald forster. visit “here we go now” blog by clicking here.