art history lesson for average fashion folks


robert smithson nonsite earthworks 1969


james turrell indigos 1979


michael heizer  boulders 1967


mary miss earthworks 1978

Observatory-Robert Morris-art

observatory by robert morris 1974


bauhaus master herbert bayer 1968 very little was known about his earthworks by the general publicmaya-lin-phillip-lim-fashion-week-NYFW-2015

architect maya lin’s installation for phillip lim’s fashion week show – NYFW 2015

we actually love the gestural installation for philip lim’s show and well gladly take that over any old runway/catwalk… but before we all run out and comment “that’s awesome” on instagram, it would be good to understand a bit of the history and where it came from. thanks to the internet, we create very little new content, its the curse of our generation, and we, ourselves, are guilty of that many folds. its simply too easy to just regurgitate what has been there. and the info is so readily available in cliff notes version. but the least we can do is to study the things that attract us just a bit, and understand what came before us. if nothing, when we want to copy some one, and we always evidently do, we can go to the source and the origin of it, and maybe learn a bit about its history first… now that’s not an ‘outdated way of doing things’ doll… that’s just  “super awesome!!by xy