cheap great sneaks: and they are called “greats” – ok that parts lame!

hand-made-italian-sneakers-for cheap  classic-sneakers-from-greats HAND-MADE-ITALIAN-SNEAKER-GREATS-ROYALEbrooklyn-shoes-company-greatssneakers-like-common-projects  the-royale-court-greats-basketball-shoes

“the best, for the most, for the least”– as charles eames would say… now lets see if this fits the bill? born in brooklyn, made in italy (we are told). they do give common projects and the others a good run for their money at under $200 a pair. leather interior, simple lines, clever double stitching, and yet this royale (and royale court high) model(s), being the simplest of the footwear line,  still have a bit of fat to trim… the rest of the line is not to our taste, maybe the hirsh could work, we love the heel detail, if it was not for that complicated sole. judge yourself, wed love to test drive one and write about the feel… worth a look for all you post-normcores. by ac