what really happened to edward snowden?


what happened to edward snowden? terminal F documentary

i was looking up london fashion week and the latest on lady gaga, and came up with this awesome video of byonce that then, of course, took me to this rare behind-the-scenes clip of an old reality show with baby kendall jenner, when i randomly stumbled upon this downer, which basically ruined my day! but you know what, us millennials know how knowledge is like the awesomest asset, so i thought why not… ill give like 5 seconds of my precious time… and here’s the blah blah about the film:

“the documentary, made by german investigative journalist john goetz and danish documentary filmmaker poul-erik heilbuth, tells edward snowden’s story from the moment he left the US for hong kong to his arrival to terminal F at moscow’s sheremetyevo sirport in 2013. snowden was granted temporary asylum in russia in 2013 after spending a month in the Terminal F of the sheremetyevo international airport. having received a three-year residence permit in 2014, he continues to live in russia.”  by xy