new scientific discovery: evolution re-explained


classic human evolution diagram: what scientist believed to be true until now… new research finding by the university of columbia begs to differ


the revised evolution diagram

the understanding until now was that humans evolved… all of them. but new research, based on the most recent 2015 presidential elections and debates in the US, shows that modern man today, walks amongst his prehistoric cousins. racism, hate, war mongering, superstition, religion, bigotry, gay-dom, fear of the new and lack of compassion are all well and alive in our modern society. perhaps if we can come to understand this phenomena, we can help our mentally challenged cousins gain some of the modern mans knowledge. by ak

tim coppins rocks: channeling some style council dandy candy


dig that silk scarf big boy


read all about it: paul weller and mick talbot of style council


nice fall cream raincoat by tim coppins


hi there, we’re just 3 models that got paid for a day to sit at an empty table in a cafe in paris


reminds us of the helmut newton girls in the alley – just day time version



herringbone and tartan pattern pants and scarf


paul weller and mick talbot of style council


love this men’s collection by tim coppins, relaxed dandy modernized by a bit of structuring. i’d take the whole wardrobe today if tim wants to spare a few pieces. nice job on casting and photography despite the contrived cafe shot… took us back to the late 80’s style council days. by uh

columbus day special: ken burns the west


photograph of sitting bull (the indian one with feathers, but not actually from india) and buffalo bill (the white guy with a fake looking stache, looking very custer like) in 1895 by william notman 

“fight no more forever” –chief joseph

according to chief sitting bull … it was a “good day to die”… but it turned out he didn’t have to, it was general custer’s last stand! ken burns: “the battle of little big horn–a good day to die”

ken burns is an incredible, world respected documentary director, and this series is yet another example of his thorough research and amazing story-telling. an apt post for columbus day… happy shopping, but just take a moment to pause in respect of the true natives of this land… and if you enjoy this be sure to look up the documentary by ken burns on the history of jazz, amazing as well. by xy

Nameless paints






ima moteki, a design duo in japan, has just created a set of nameless paints that aim to completely change the way children learn and think about color. instead of using color names, each white tube of paint is labelled with an “equation” showing which primary colors, and in what proportions, were used to make the color inside.

the designers, yusuke imai and ayami moteki, believe that color labels are problematic. “by not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” said imai.

in addition to rejecting labels, the paints also teach color theory. the equations on the paint tubes help children understand some of the basic concepts behind color theory and how to mix and create new colors. by lb

gucci 2016 campaign by glen luchford vs nick cave and jarvis cocker fifteen feet of pure white snow


gucci’s 2016 video ad campaign shot by photographer glen luchford

Nick-Cave-jarvis-cocker-Fifteen-Feet Of-Pure-White-Snow

nick cave and jarvis cocker – fifteen feet of pure white snow

this nick cave video is a favorite of ours. not only the song and the lyrics are incredible, but so is the video and then there is the bonus of spotting jarvis cocker in the crowd just before they pull off what appears to be a signature jarvis stint (think back to pulp and common people group dance sequence). the gucci peace is not as great as nick caves video of course but yes we do like the references mister luchford. by dd

Rick Owens Models Wear Each Other Down the Runway…


introducing the ‘human backpack’





rick owens’ spring/summer 2016 collection for paris fashion week.

“i’m not good at subtlety, if you’re not going to be discreet and quiet, then just go all the way and have the balls to shave off your eyebrows, bleach your hair, and put on some big bracelets.” by lb

nick knight teaches lady gogo how to dance: tom ford SS16


tom ford spring summer 2016 – the video to replace all runway shows

i want your love – le chic c’est le freak!…. disco days are back on saturday night and john travolta will be happy to know… master of all ceremonies mister nick knight kills it with this feverish demonstration of tom ford’s spring summer 2016 released today. as halston did a few years back “a video is apparently worth a thousand shows” because the show is for 15 minutes and a youtube video is your BBF forever… did we mention its also much cheaper? i wonder if someone ever thought of doing a catalog in that way? hmmmm….

“instead of having a traditional show this season, i decided to try something new. i wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from its inception to be presented online.” – tom ford

well done tom we like that man, and nick you just cant do wrong mister. of course it would have helped if the models could actually dance! was coco not available? and what about karlie kloss? she had a bit of experience in i’ll be there the inez and vinoodh clip we posted a few months back, coincidentally it has a song by the same band “chic”… the cast include: social media (sig!) character lucky blue smith, alongside fellow male models alex dunstan, david agbodji, tarun niijer (who was the first model of indian descent to open burberry) as well as mica arganaraz, kayla scott, xaio wen ju, valery kaufman, aymeline valade, lida fox, lexi boling and some pop star called lady gaga – i want your love, chic. by kc

Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen satelite

“nonfunctional satellites” – 2013

placing these higly reflective sculptures into low-earth orbit would create a visible “sculpture” in the night sky

Trevor Paglen classified satellites.

“The Other Night Sky” – 2007

project to track and photograph classified American satellites

Trevor Paglen code names

“code names of the surveillance state” – 2001 to present

ongoing list of classified military and intelligence programs

Trevor Paglen drone

Untitled (Reaper Drone) 2010

photographs of surveillance drones

paglen talking about some of his work


following up on our snowden post, here is one on trevor paglen, a new york based artist documenting the surveillance society. his work was featured in the must see documentary “citizenfour” and he has previously been showing at sfmoma, tate modern and walker art center among others. paglen is now showing at metro pictures in new york until october 24th. by kt