70’s gems: ferrari 365 GTS4 daytona spider


ferrari 365 GTS4 daytona spider in production from 1968-1973


with a tipo 251, engine sporting 4.4 L, V12 and 365 cc per cylinder (thus the 365GTB)


(above) later model retractable headlights vs (below) the original open headlights covered with glass/acrylic


below the lamborghini miura (shape and proportions) in production between 1966-1973


the ferrari 365 GTB/4, better known by the unofficial name ferrari daytona, is a grand-tourer produced from 1968 to 1973. the name daytona was given to the car by the press rather than ferrari officials at its launch during the paris auto show in 1968, possibly because of ferrari incredible 1, 2, 3 finish the year before at the datona race in 1967. its sharp-edged styling resembled a lamborghini (miura) more than a traditional pininfarina ferrari. early daytonas featured fixed headlights behind a glass cover. this particular setup was completely abandoned in 1971 favor of retractable pop-up twin headlights due to new safety regulations in the US, which outlawed headlights behind covers (think of the e-type and the like). we actually prefer the later models with the covered headlights but regardless either would be a dream to posses. price range low of $700,000 and up. by uh

we all need heroes to look up to: there’s rosa parks, malala yousafzai, pussy riots or ceily myrus


yet another walt disney super-star grows up to be a wanna-be pornstar!


you gotta wonder what really happens there at disney with these kids?


all photographs by terry richardson for candy magazine


who said they wanted a man in uniform?


now that’s adorable! a pussy cat! and what’s that? a native american dream catcher? how thoughtful


and she smokes too? oh my? what a rebel…


ok, we can agree with this one, we approve of underarm hair for men and women.


sorry not that hot. you should see my butt…

terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-7   terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-11

oh look a black dong… now “that’s so awesome!

well, well, well… well done guys! you know what, we don’t really have any problems with subversive imagery. as a matter of fact we generally like ’em. the problem arises when the work is created as a means-to-an-end. when the piece itself is meant to be shocking for no other reason that to say “looky here… i’m so shocking!!!”. and frankly miley cyrus, her music, her life, her appearance, her philosophy (not that she has one) is anything but shocking. she’s your average talent less ding-dong teenager who is desperate for fame and fortune, but with very little to offer or be noticed for (kim kardashian, lady gaga, and the rest of em fit right in line here). what’s disturbing with her (aside from the fact that cyrus is not really that hot) is that, she and say britney spears, had built a following of young girls in their days at disney, and whether they like it or not, they knowingly or unknowingly, are dragging these young directionless girls into this world and anesthetizing them the point were wearing black dong or shoving a baton in your mouth seems just “awesome” and nothing more than that, when in fact they are. i think sinead o’connor, miley’s ex-hero (?), would be quite proud. by xy

who needs snow to ski: candide thovex for audi


candide thovex ski on no snow

if you do an ad that is actually not about your product but rather about something truly interesting, then you have a chance for people to see it and share it. and in the end, you win, as they may like you for being a part of that experience. we will take that over an ad that spends time trying to convince you that one brand of luxury car is better than the next. by lz

alejandro iñárritu: the revenant, complete with buffalo carpaccio


the revenant: buffalos, indians, and the great planes… sign me up!

based on a novel by michael punke

this guy, leo carpaccio, is not  a favorite of ours but when pickings in hollywood are so slim he will have to do. like johnny depp he has tried his best to avoid the horrendous film scripts he and johnny took on at the early part of their careers. plus working with martin scorsese did win him some accolades from us as well. here again he is teaming up with a great director, alejandro g. iñárritu (tier 2) aiming to do something worthy. and look at that music by ryuichi sakamoto!!!! (long time no see). we’re sure this will not be an epic film to hold up, like say “aguirre wrath of god”, but as far as entertainment goes, this could be a good potential. i’m bummed as i can’t find the original trailer i saw, with buffalos and a horse dropping down a major cliff in the end (anyone? links?), but this will have to do. its worth waiting for on DVD or netflix if you ask me…. we only go the cinema to support our favorite directors (lynch, JLG, wes anderson, herzog, etc). by xy

how bad can it get: a suburban nightmare of fashion comes to life


pink pom poms? someone approved this?


what in the world is going on here? one of those porcelain figurine must have been the source of inspiration here.


ok this one is quite sophisticated…. sort-of like one of those cheap chocolate boxes from duane read.

i’m feeling terrible for ruining the look of TS with such images, but i had to say something…. do you ever wonder who actually creates these horrendous victoria secret annual “fashion” shows? i do… i imagine if you would give four suburban 6-year old’s a set of primary colors from kmart, and ask them to envision a “dress-up show” with unicorns and angels and as many colors as you like, they would probably come up with something slightly better than this. what victoria secret adds to the mix is perhaps an adult pervert, on a supervisory role, to insure those horrendous lingeries, in those color combinations, make it onto the naked bodies of some of the top models. most of which are undoubtedly laughing all the way to the bank after a quick shower. i’m not sure how bad this can get year after year, before they actually reconsider the outcome. but as long as people praise this stuff, i suppose well be stuck at looking at beautiful girls dressed like “the image of a cheap prostitute” in the mind of an old fat man. this is not to say that this could not be done well, but for starters they gotta dispose of the kindergarten dream-team. by ars

most people don’t really want the truth

Tim Minchin Storm

this animation should be all it takes to knock some sense into the nutty minds of everyone suffering from being blinded by the current pseudoscientific trend. it’s about time we have a renascence of the age of enlightenment where empiricism and scientific rigor overcomes the mumbo jumbo of ufo-logists and parapsychologists. if anyone is still “skeptic” towards the skeptics after seeing the video, please rewind and see it again. if still in doubt… choose your own punishment and buy one of the two following items: why people believe weird things or the $530 spiritual nourishmentby kt

nemo special ops power drill

nemopowertools power drill underwater 2

nemopowertools power drill underwater

in these james bond times what is better than to plan for an early christmas gift, super villain style. if you or your better half is planing an underwater heist or just a random pool repair, nemo power tools got what your looking for. the nemo special ops power drill is salt water resistant down to 100m and comes with a 6ah battery. get yours now at nemopowertools.com by kt