steve jobs leaves apple, puts jony ive in charge, and that’s when everything starts to go downhill


ok here’s another rant on apple. yes its still better than most things out there (thanks to steve that is). and no they have not invented anything new, that is useful ever since steve left us (ok, in fareness they did change the name of iphoto to photos. that was major! and they did add the “selfie” feature/folder to the latest OS. now that’s wow, i’m sure it fooled the millennials into thinking innovation). now all this we can live with. but somehow it appears as if a bunch of complacent idiots have taken over the asylum at apple breaking things that worked, and ruining the most basic principles of product design and UI. our latest grievance is about the iphone 6s. i mean what sort of an idiotic design intern would place 2 alternate functioning buttons on the opposite sides of a phone, or any product? the sleep button was always on the top right, it worked, they now moved it across the volume button. so now each time we try to turn up or down the volume the counter force pressure on the exact opposite side puts the phone to sleep and vise versa. i mean this does not require a genius like steve jobs to be there. i’m assuming jonathan ives approved this, or worse even came up with it, but to let the product go into production and not see this basic principle is daunting and shameless, especially from a company like apple who invented modern intuitive UI/UX. i simply can not forgive them for this. i know how hard it is to keep up with apples legacy of greatness, so ok don’t, but at least don’t fuck the shit that was already working guys.

On another note, jony boy fancies himself to be dieter rams reincarnated:apple_braun_679207a

braun T1000 radio (1962) and the mac pro (2006)Apple-ripoff-braun-Jonathan-Ive

braun T3 pocket radio (1958) and first-generation iPod (2001)


braun infrared emitter (1970’s) and the isight camera (2003)

but you know what, you can’t just copy greatness and end up with great things. the shits gotta work jony, pretty will only get you so far… by xy