we all need heroes to look up to: there’s rosa parks, malala yousafzai, pussy riots or ceily myrus


yet another walt disney super-star grows up to be a wanna-be pornstar!


you gotta wonder what really happens there at disney with these kids?


all photographs by terry richardson for candy magazine


who said they wanted a man in uniform?


now that’s adorable! a pussy cat! and what’s that? a native american dream catcher? how thoughtful


and she smokes too? oh my? what a rebel…


ok, we can agree with this one, we approve of underarm hair for men and women.


sorry not that hot. you should see my butt…

terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-7   terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-11

oh look a black dong… now “that’s so awesome!

well, well, well… well done guys! you know what, we don’t really have any problems with subversive imagery. as a matter of fact we generally like ’em. the problem arises when the work is created as a means-to-an-end. when the piece itself is meant to be shocking for no other reason that to say “looky here… i’m so shocking!!!”. and frankly miley cyrus, her music, her life, her appearance, her philosophy (not that she has one) is anything but shocking. she’s your average talent less ding-dong teenager who is desperate for fame and fortune, but with very little to offer or be noticed for (kim kardashian, lady gaga, and the rest of em fit right in line here). what’s disturbing with her (aside from the fact that cyrus is not really that hot) is that, she and say britney spears, had built a following of young girls in their days at disney, and whether they like it or not, they knowingly or unknowingly, are dragging these young directionless girls into this world and anesthetizing them the point were wearing black dong or shoving a baton in your mouth seems just “awesome” and nothing more than that, when in fact they are. i think sinead o’connor, miley’s ex-hero (?), would be quite proud. by xy