how bad can it get: a suburban nightmare of fashion comes to life


pink pom poms? someone approved this?


what in the world is going on here? one of those porcelain figurine must have been the source of inspiration here.


ok this one is quite sophisticated…. sort-of like one of those cheap chocolate boxes from duane read.

i’m feeling terrible for ruining the look of TS with such images, but i had to say something…. do you ever wonder who actually creates these horrendous victoria secret annual “fashion” shows? i do… i imagine if you would give four suburban 6-year old’s a set of primary colors from kmart, and ask them to envision a “dress-up show” with unicorns and angels and as many colors as you like, they would probably come up with something slightly better than this. what victoria secret adds to the mix is perhaps an adult pervert, on a supervisory role, to insure those horrendous lingeries, in those color combinations, make it onto the naked bodies of some of the top models. most of which are undoubtedly laughing all the way to the bank after a quick shower. i’m not sure how bad this can get year after year, before they actually reconsider the outcome. but as long as people praise this stuff, i suppose well be stuck at looking at beautiful girls dressed like “the image of a cheap prostitute” in the mind of an old fat man. this is not to say that this could not be done well, but for starters they gotta dispose of the kindergarten dream-team. by ars