every man for himself: jean luc godard interview with dick cavett back in 1980

JLG-The-Dick-Cavett-Show jean-luc-godard-interview

“i never went away… maybe i was pushes away” – JLG

every man for himself: “people ask of film things they would never ask of poetry… or art… why?” – JLG

“when people go into exile from their own country that means there is something good in them…” – JLG

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dick cavett interviews GOD himself… jean luc godard in 1980 discussing critics reviews of his film at the time, “every man for himself” a film about the lives of a man (jacques dutronc), a woman (nathalie baye) and a prostitute (isabelle huppert) when they cross paths, classic godard synopsis… maybe this one has an extra 3rd person but otherwise… love this man talking about jerry lewis, howard hawks, and hitchcock and was such a pleasure to see this 30+ years after… uh would appreciate this one. by ac

there should be a movie category called “romantic tragedy”: the romanov family story

romanov-the last-tzar-russian-history-Imperial-Family

now this was a real love story with a real tragic ending. not like the shit they write up in hollywood. the romanov family from left to right: olga, maria, nicholas II, alexandra, anastasia, alexei, and tatiana at the livadia palace in 1913


exterior of the livadia palace in 1913

part 1 of 3

the romanov dynasty, and russias involvement in WWI against germany, ended with the arrival of lenin from switzerland, who was assisted by russias enemy, germany herself. ironically tzar nicholas of russia and germany’s monarch kaiser wilhelm II, who were at war with one another, were actually related (first cousins – don’t ever expect loyalty from any royal or rich man). after the arrival of lenin and the abdication of the russian monarch, the family was put under house arrest… but with in month of the revolution the entire family was shot at point blank in the basement of the house they were sent to in the north. this included the beautiful 4 daughters and nicholas’ young son alexi. from what i gather they were perhaps the best of monarchs… that is when you compare autocrats and dictators of the time. very sad and tragic life indeed, especially for the children who were completely innocent. by uh

most amazing country house upstate new york by wojr architects


“your country cottage has just landed”


its all about glass, glass, glass


darth vader will be welcomed


this house was clearly made to sit in the snow, just remember that flat roofs often leak


renders? the glass is suspiciously one “piece-ed”



two homes, created for two brothers


that bike comes in handy in this snow


nice but a bit too obvious and trendy… the usual suspect prouvé lamp and chairs : (


a litte paragraph from the horses mouth: “the agricultural development of the land between the two houses separates them visually (to varying degrees depending on season) while linking them inextricably, both infrastructurally and communally.” you gotta love architects. i can’t understand a word in the last part of that sentence!

that said architecture studio WOJR designed ‘twins’, a site located in upstate new york that consists of two geometric buildings facing each other. created for two brothers, the two houses feature different shapes, a hexagon and a four-sided polygon, yet both are built from the same five structural components. additionally, the homes are linked to each other through an underground piping system for water supply and the like. beautiful and enviable all the same. love it. by dd

joseph stalin’s favorite music


after his wife committed suicide, with a gunshot to her heart, stalin, the great dictator of russia, lived a lonely and isolated life.


with his wife, nadya

mozarts piano concerto no. 23


stalin and his beloved daughter svetlana alliluyeva

afraid of his own circle, and them afraid of him. imprisoning and committing to death, many of his very own relatives he became even colder after tanya’s death… he would escape the kremlin to his isolated private country home in the woods, dacha, guarded by 100’s of special forces. inside, no one was allowed, except his illiterate, but loyal governess. he slept in the day time and seldom at night, in various rooms in the house, and always on the couch with his shirt as his pillow. i found it fascinating and very melancholy to learn that in this house, often alone and yet all powerful, stalin (meaning steel/man) isolated from his people, family and the world, would listen repeatedly to his favorite song, mozart’s piano concerto no. 23 in a major, k. 488: II. andante… now that’s one fuckin’ state of mind… by uh

Alber Elbaz baring his sweet soul

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.05.24 AM

this monologue is not new, but is still so relevant. it expresses the man’s feelings, and attempts to expose the dilemma of the business of creative consumption in our contemporary world. exploring the trouble with the business infrastructure loosing worship of the creative that feeds it’s very existence. i am not a fashion designer, but it works for so many realms of creatives, this monologue reminds me to reassess what i love about what i do, what i should work with, against, for, etc. by kl

TOP 10+ GIFTS of 2015: our gift to you, great gift ideas for the holidays


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lelabo collaboration with ceft and company candle made in small edition and hand numbered $300.00by uh


tom dixon elements scent air diffuser $115.00by cm


joey roth’s latest bluetooth speaker design (pre-order) available in black but we’ll take the white $450.00by xy


1:10 scale exoto die-cast model of the 1967 lemans winner, the ford gt40 MKIV was $5,500.00 on sale now for $2,747.00 one left – by dd


monocle travel walnut studiolo dominos $75.00by lb


sugar cube wireless speakers, skip songs by tilting the speaker and tap to play/pause… simple and stylish portable speaker $229.00by nwa


 the ultimate modernist cuisine cookbook set $539.00by kt


kristian stahl fossilized mammoth dice from crest & co. $1,000.00by kc


pro-ject audio debut carbon record player $550.00by pr

happy holidays from everyone

at ts

the true cost: an every-season essential


“the true cost” the movie: know what your cheap clothes, that you don’t need, are doing to this world

true cost fashion documentary movie trailer

behind the scenes with director andrew morgan explaining why he was led to make the  documentary film “the true cost”

yes this is an older film but i just saw it. a great movie for anyone in the fashion, design, advertising community but also for anyone who is a consumer of cheap things, from H&M, to gap, to zara, to forever 21. you will be thinking twice before you buy yet another item you don’t need. “in reality they are making us, and this world poor, yet giving us the illusion of being rich, by offering us cheap things we don’t need at cost we truly don’t understand“… a must see. by kl