Trump Ban: To Extend to Christians from Norway and Canada… Ban Could Extend to US Citizens

alexandre bissonette, french canadian, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

researching a little on this i was surprised to learn that muslims are not the only ones with a monopoly on “going mental.” looks like other religions are just as capable. of course, for all you intelligent folks, this is all nonsense.. there are good people, and bad people, everywhere, and in every religion… you should meet my zen master, hes only two steps from going off the edge, but the students are nice.

for the rest of you unintelligent bigots, at least take on some sense of consistency. if you’re gonna hate 1.6 billion people in a religion for what some of its members do, then go and hate all religions for what some of its members did.

dylann roof, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

btw what is terrorism anyway? the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” usually not very successful on the attackers side, and generally an act of desperation when other means fail, or at times out of pure hatred and complete disregard for life. a bad idea, how ever you slice it.

anders behring beivik, norwegian, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

terrorism is a matter of cause and effect, and often used by both sides, the enemy, as well as the protectors, to enlist fear in the public and enforce their agenda. be it intimidation, militarization, political power, freedom from oppression, land and water, gaining public support, or enforcing public suppression (a.k.a shut up and let me save you).

james holmes, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

and this terrorism, for all you people born yesterday, is not a recent phenomena brought to light by fox news, and no its not a muslim exclusive either… the spanish crusaders used it in SA in the name of god, hitler used it against the german public (reichstag building set ablaze) in the name of country, the jews used it against the SS in the warsaw ghetto in the name of dignity, the IRA used it against england, algiers used it against france, the basques used it against the spanish, the FARC used it in columbia, the palestinians used it against israel, and so on…

if interested, go read about how many of those circumstances ended and how they were eradicated. it wasn’t by building a wall, spreading hate, or banning 1.6 billion people with big ears… “believe me, i assure you… it can be fixed… it would be huuuuuge!”

robert james talbot, texan, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

so you see my friend, we are being very silly… we are judging the book, by a… banana peel. i mean look at this chap to the far right, robert james talbot! he looks like glenn luchford, sweet, talented, fashion saavy probably. but he aint’. he’s a bad mother… as my brother james brown used to say. but you can’t start hating all dorky looking white people like glenn or robert here? or worse hating all christians because a bunch nutcases killed another bunch of people in a church, just for the color of their skin… or because jesus told him so the other night?

jared lee loghner, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

on the other hand you can go right ahead and hate this guy. i mean his mother probably hated him too. only alex jones loved him and he loved alex back.

timothy mcveigh, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

and then there’s this guy… who hated new order… i mean i didn’t love them either, but at least joy division and ian curtis where pretty damn ok. fuckin’ chill out dude!

so let’s not be as stupid as some stupid people. let’s be safe. let’s be compassionate. let’s be smart. let’s be humans. lets go read some history. and the next time you complain about people being fooled by fox news, or CNN, or isis, or exxon, or trump, or crooked hillary, which ever kool-aid they are on, just remember that out of 7 billion people on this earth, 6.5 billion of them bought into, the very believable story, that there is some incompetent old dude up there running the show. if they bought into that, they’d buy into anything. its just you and i my friend, left here to save mother earth from this ignorance. good luck and good night. by dd

coventry cool girl: delia derbyshire grand-daughter of electronic music


musician and composer of early electronic music delia derbyshire – dr. who british tv series

Delia Derbyshire in Room 12, along with her full panoply of equipment.

dusseldorf based “pole” the electronic music group, must have been very much influenced by delia derbyshire

coventry cool girl and post feminist delia derbyshire: in 1959, on approaching decca records, delia was told that the company did not employ women in their recording studios, so she went to work for the UN in geneva before returning to london to work for music publishers boosey & hawkes. in 1960 delia joined the BBC as a trainee studio manager. she excelled in this field, but when it became apparent that the fledgling radiophonic workshop was under the same operational umbrella, she asked for an attachment there – an unheard of request, but one which was, nonetheless, granted. delia remained ‘temporarily attached’ for years, regularly deputising for the head, and influencing many of her trainee colleagues and later musicians across the world in the field of electronic music. she is a definitive find for a young chap like me… by dd